Our gallery of fame

winners podium

2020 edition

Dynamic challenge

Fulin Xie

Fulin Xie, Ph.D., is a Data Scientist at Microlise in the UK. By the way, his Duopoly submission was also ranked second in that challenge. This was the toughest battle ground in 2020.

Oligopoly challenge

Boris Kuznetsov
Oganes Manasian

Boris Kuznetsov and Oganes Manasian, Boris is currently finalizing his MSc. in mathematics and finance at the EPFL in Lausanne, and Oganes is currently working as Intern at IBM Research in Ireland.

Duopoly challenge

Kyle Maclean
Fredrik Odegaard

Kyle Maclean and Fredrik Odegaard, both work at The Ivey Business School in Canada as Assistant and Associate Professors. For Kyle it is already the second year in a row he is winning the Duopoly challenge!


2019 edition

Duopoly & Dynamic challenges:

Kyle Maclean

Kyle Maclean, PhD, Assistant Professor at Ivey Business School in Canada. Especially the Duopoly was our most competitive challenge and a very tight competition.

Oligopoly challenge:

Ruben van de Geer

Ruben van de Geer, PhD, Data Maestro at GoDataDriven in the Netherlands. Ruben actually submitted his first oligopoly algorithm only days before the final deadline and was going straight to the top with an impressive margin.

Note: Ruben was not in the organization committee during 2019, he joined the organizers back in 2020. Of course organizers are not participating in the DPC.