Dynamic Pricing Competition

Bringing together academia and industry to compete in algorithms

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Why a pricing competition?

Pricing is one of the most challenging topics in the business world. It has an enormous impact when it comes to making a loss or a profit. In today’s world, prices are frequently changed by algorithms that try to make best use of the available data.

But how are these/your algorithms performing under competition with other algorithms? Under demand uncertainty, heterogeneous customer behavior, incomplete information, …?

Dynamic Pricing combines all these challenges!

What’s in it for you?

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Win a prize

The winner in each challenge will receive a reward of 333€.

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Performance evaluation

You will receive a detailed performance evaluation of your algorithms under different market situations and against various competitors.

Scoring & benchmark

Receive a representative benchmark performance of your algorithms against all other competitors.

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For whom is it?

We want to bring together people from academia and industry from various backgrounds (Machine Learning, Operations Research, Pricing & Revenue Management, Economics, etc.) to let their ideas and algorithms compete in various market settings.

An algorithm submission can be as simple as this one, only condition is that it is written in Python.


Alwin Haensel
Haensel AMS
Prof. Ger Kool
Prof. Ger Koole
VU University Amsterdam
Ruben Van DeGeer
Ruben van de Geer
Paul Kleinschmidt
Paul Kleinschmidt
Haensel AMS

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